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Helping You Move Team
Pledge To Buyers

To provide unsurpassed service to help you buy your home at a fair market price, in the shortest time, with the least inconvenience to you, we will:

Explain real estate agency relationships
Maintain communication during the term of the agreement
Analyze buyer's property needs and desires
Orient buyer to current market conditions
Provide helpful community data
Explain local real estate practices and procedures
Provide information on lenders and financing alternatives
Search the local multiple listing service for suitable properties
Coordinate appointments and show all properties of interest
Provide relevant market data as to fair market value of homes
Disclose all material defects of the property known
Discuss relevant information about the seller as known
Explain the process of offer presentation
Deliver Seller's Property Disclosure Form, if a RE/MAX listing
Carefully explain and prepare offer to purchase forms
Arrange to present all offers to seller in a timely manner.
Strive to obtain the best possible price and terms for the buyer
Explain post-purchase activities and responsibilities
Follow-up on all post-purchase activities
Keep confidential any information the buyer designates in writing as confidential

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 Our mission, desire and goal at RE/MAX Properties is to assist all parties in accomplishing their goals and allowing them to obtain a satisfactory conclusion to the purchase or sale of their real estate. All of the efforts of the Helping You Move Team are geared to meet this end. As we strive to accomplish this, we base our actions on the following governing values:

  1. We will constantly strive to be the most professional Realtors in Montgomery and the surrounding cities. Knowledge will be our partner in achieving the success that comes with being the best.
  2. We will always be better prepared than our competitors, and are committed to providing superior service to our clients.
  3. We will take the time to listen to our clients and their needs and assist them in producing a plan of action that will be quickly implemented and result in the realization of their goal.
  4. We serve the customer. We are customer driven and in concert with our other values, we give customers what they seek.
  5. We value our Associates - We recognize that RE/MAX Properties is only as good as its associates.
  6. We practice Teamwork - We consider those who work for or associate with RE/MAX Properties are members of our team. We recognize that each customer, associate, or consultant as a unique contribution to make to our team effort.
  7. We welcome innovation and adapt to change -- We constantly evaluate what we're doing and compare it to what is possible and what is needed. Nothing in real estate, or anything else that effects society, remains the same and neither can we.
  8. We search for, live by, and teach correct principles -- Our services are based on correct principles that, when applied, produce positive results. We continuously search to learn more and adjust to what we learn.
  9. We make a positive difference in people's lives -- Our investment recommendations go beyond being profitable and informative. They empower individuals and organizations to make meaningful changes and advances in their goals.

These are the top priorities for the Helping You Move Team
Meeting them will enable us to realize our mission.

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